Secure Your United States Citizenship

Secure Your United States Citizenship

Work with an immigration attorney serving St. Louis, MO and its surrounding areas

If you're trying to gain United States citizenship in St. Louis, Missouri or its surrounding areas, you should be working with an experienced immigration attorney. Anderson Legal Group LLC can provide you with representation for immigration-related cases, including asylum and obtaining visas. Attorney David Anderson has extensive experience as an immigration attorney in the area.

You can also call Anderson Legal Group to obtain a family law attorney. Make an appointment today to get started building your case.

Immigration Law

Seek citizenship with an immigration law attorney.

Family Law

A divorce attorney can help you split your assets.

Personal Injury

We fight for the rights of our clients, helping them to focus on recovery.

Corporate Commercial

Review contracts with an experienced attorney by your side.

Get support for a wide range of legal cases

Anderson Legal Group provides assistance with a wide range of legal cases, from deportation to breaches of contract. Attorney David Anderson has experience in:

  • Immigration law-includes asylum, naturalization, green cards, and employment-related cases
  • Family law includes divorce, child custody, adoption, pre-nuptial and post-nuptial cases
  • Personal injury law-includes automotive accidents, slip, and fall cases, and workers' compensation
  • Corporate commercial law-includes contract law, compliance issues and assisting start-up companies



Going through a divorce? Schedule an appointment with family law attorney David Anderson by calling 314-526-1377.



Why should you call an attorney?

Don't try to face a courtroom on your own. An experienced attorney can provide you with insight about immigration law, personal injury law or any other practice area. When you call Anderson Legal Group, you'll work directly with an attorney who has experience in St. Louis, Missouri and its surrounding areas. You'll have a knowledgeable professional there to help you along the way.

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